The USA BMX Pro Series kicked off for 2020 with its first event, the Winter Nationals. Joris Daudet was having a dream 2019 season, until the UCI BMX Worlds, where he crashed and unfortunately broke his Collar Bone. 4 Months later he was able to get back to racing, and at his 2nd race back, once again, the injury bug bit him, as he crashed and once again, he broke his collar bone.

With 2020 being a ugly important year for Joris, with the Olympics, he took the time to heal, train, and be ready for the important start to 2020. Joris picked the USA BMX Winter Nationals as his first race back. Well, it didnt take long for Joris to get back on the podium, as on Saturday, Joris would race his was to 2nd place and leave Phoenix with some very positive actions from the race weekend.

Joris will now head back to training and get ready for some important races to help him earn a spot on the French Olympic BMX team.

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