CHASE Bicycles has become the leader on the BMX track with the most Pro wins and titles in recent BMX history and some of the best complete bikes and racing frames ever produced for BMX. Each season, we strive to improve our designs and bikes, giving you the same advantage our Pro riders Connor Fields and Joris Daudet line up with each and every time they are on the gate.

For 2023, we have stepped up our game once again with the complete bikes, the ELEMENT and the EDGE, always in 2 color options. When we say you #winwithchase, we mean it in many ways!

The Chase Element is the complete package for BMX racing, Period. If you looking for the best out of the box BMX Race bike offered today, then you have come to the right spot. Chase BMX has been offering hi-end complete bikes for 10 years, and the Chase Element is the cream of the crop!

The Chase Element frame uses the same geometry as our Championship winning ACT Carbon Fiber Frame and our and RSP race frames. Our bikes can help you win, if you have what it takes, by giving you an unfair advanced with the technology the Element offers. This is one serious race machine.

The Chase Edge is a culmination of ideas, design, and upgrades suggested by our Pro riders, R&D team, and past customers to offer you the ideal complete race bike to take you from your first race all the way to the podium!

The perfect blend of parts, design, and knowledge give you the ideal race bike for riders looking to get serious about BMX racing. After 10 years of offering the Chase Edge, the 2023 is our best yet! Get the Edge on the competition with the 2023 Chase Edge complete!


The former race lineup archives will allow you to access the features and specifications of previous models.