Connor Fields have never missed racing more that in 2020. Starting the year off of the 2019 USA BMX Champion, Connor started the season off with 2 UCI BMX World Cup wins, looking to be on peak form for some big events for the 2020 season, leading up to the Olympics. With this first Pro race weekend in the USA back, we hope to see a few more events to take place for the Pro riders. On the Schedule as of right now, is the UCI BMX World Cup Finals in Early November and then the 2020 USA BMX Pro Championship event over thanksgiving, where its a one day event for the Pros to battle It out for the 2020 #1 Pro Title.

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USA Cycling held its 2020 National Championships in conjunction with the USA BMX Lonestar Nationals. The Houston track is also the site of the 2020 UCI BMX World Championships, so this was a great opportunity for Connor Fields to get some racing time on the track, as well as go for the National Championship. With the one day event being held on Friday, Connor would race against the best racers from the USA to try to earn his 4th USA Cycling Elite Mens National Championship.

The USA BMX Pro Series kicked off for 2020 with its first event, the Winter Nationals. Joris Daudet was having a dream 2019 season, until the UCI BMX Worlds, where he crashed and unfortunately broke his Collar Bone. Joris picked the USA BMX Winter Nationals as his first race back. Well, it didnt take long for Joris to get back on teh podium, as on Saturday, Joris would race his was to 2nd place and leave Phoenix with some very positive actions from the race weekend.

The 2nd stop of the UCI BMX SX World Cup tour headed north from Shepparton to one of Australia's most known areas for Auto racing, but this time, they would be hosting the 3rd and 4th round of the World Cup tour for BMX racing. Unfortunately bad weather hindered a full weekend of racing, but the race for Elite Men on Day 1 was able to deliver a winner based off off the UCI rules. That winner was Connor Fields, giving him hs 2nd win of the 2020 World Cup tour.